Research Programs

Research programs are the heart of what we do. In 2016, we established our first program: Natural Resource Governance, directed by economics professor Dean Lueck. In January 2017, we launched the program on Cybersecurity and Internet Governance, directed by business law and ethics professor Scott Shackelford. The program on Data Management and Information Governance was founded in November 2017, directed by business law and ethics professor Angie Raymond. We are also planning to establish additional programs: potential research areas include political, economic, and legal institutions and organizations; financial organizations; public health; education; and international organizations.

Each research program constitutes in and of itself an attempt to bring different disciplinary perspectives to bear on governance challenges. But the greatest gains come from the synergic interactions between scholars and students working in different research programs. The structure of the Workshop will thus enable us to gain increasing returns from greater scope. In particular, we see major gains in two domains: first, the Workshop's and IU’s reputation will be greatly enhanced, as more scholars from different disciplines have the opportunity to collaborate and produce innovative work; second, synergies across research programs will produce better research and greater policy impact.