Colloquium Series

Spring 2022 – Monday Colloquium Series

January 24
Prakash Kashwan
University of Connecticut
“Analytics of Power, Inequality, and Justice in the Bloomington School of Institutional Analysis”
Podcast - “The Bloomington School: Beyond the Romance of Ideologies with Prakash Kashwan”
January 31
Kelsey Jack
UC Santa Barbara
“Harvesting the Rain: The Adoption of Environmental Technologies in the Sahel”
February 7Eric Jardine
Virginia Tech
“Hezah! Ransomware: Externalities, Cost Internalization, and Security Investment Intentionality”
February 14Susan Aaronson
George Washington University
“Data Strategies, Competitive Advantage, and Trust”
February 21Joshua Lohnes
West Virginia University
“Food Waste, Hunger, and the Shifting Politics of Charitable Food Assistance in the United States”
February 28Nik Heynen
University of Georgia
“The Longue Durée of Abolition: Abolishing Hunger and Racial Terror in New Orleans and Beyond”
March 7Asaf Lubin
Maurer School of Law, IU
“The Law and Politics of Ransomware”
March 14Spring Break
March 21Joseph Bahati*
Makerere University
“Overcoming Barriers in Management of Sustainable and Regenerative Climate Smart Agriculture, Agroforestry and Environment Projects: The Case of the Banana Industrial Research and Development Centre, Uganda”
March 28Geoffrey Swenson*
City University of London
“Promoting the Other Rule of Law”
April 4Hanna Schreiber*
University of Warsaw
“Inviting Whole Humanity to an Elite Club? Global Heritage Production Regimes and the UNESCO Heritage Lists through the Lens of the Ostrom's Concepts”
April 11Jayme Lemke
George Mason University
“Polycentric Institutions of Intimacy”
April 18Cullen Hendrix
University of Denver
“Sources of Climate Resilience in Regional Fisheries Management Organizations”
April 25Giorgio Zanarone*
Washington University in St. Louis

* Workshop Visiting Scholar

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