About the Mini-Conference

Training scholars lies at the core of the Ostrom Workshop’s educational mission. The culmination of each seminar (POLS Y673/SPEA P710) is a mini-conference.

Students and visiting scholars write papers to be presented before their colleagues. Instructors assign a WAF member to discuss—that is, summarize, praise, and criticize—each paper. Students then can take up to 5 minutes to respond. Finally, we open the floor to questions from the general audience.

A Workshop tradition, the mini-conference continues to be a productive event for instructors, discussants, audience—but especially for our students.​

Past Mini-Conference agendas

You can find past Mini-Conference papers in the Digital Library of the Commons.

Contact for past agendas and course syllabi.

Elinor Ostrom

Scientific knowledge is as much an understanding of the diversity of situations for which a theory or its models are relevant as an understanding of its limits.

Elinor Ostrom