Cybersecurity & Internet Governance

A polycentric approach to Internet governance and cybersecurity

Program contacts

Professor Scott Shackelford
Director, Program on Cybersecurity and Internet Governance
Chair, IU Bloomington Cybersecurity Program
Senior Fellow, Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research
Research Fellow, Harvard Kennedy School Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs

The Program on Cybersecurity and Internet Governance, created in January 2017, brings together scholars from across Indiana University and beyond to build scholarly networks, as well as seek out partnerships with managers and policymakers in the United States and abroad in order to translate research findings into effective policy.

A polycentric approach to both Internet governance and cybersecurity risk management will be encouraged in this program with scholars coming from diverse backgrounds including, but not limited to: Secure Computing, Law, Business, Criminology, Economics, Ethics, Public Policy, Media, Education, Psychological and Brain Sciences, Political Science, and International Relations.

Only through such a multi-disciplinary, multi-sector, multi-stakeholder partnership might meaningful progress be made toward engendering sustainable models of Internet governance and an equitable cyber peace. Towards that end, this program is a founding member of the Cyber Peace Alliance, in collaboration with the Cyber Peace Foundation.