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The Vincent and Elinor Ostrom Workshop is not your standard research institute. The Ostrom Workshop was founded in 1973 by Vincent and Elinor Ostrom, who believed that ideas and theories must be considered through the lens of experience—that the critical connection is between ideas and what gets done. The term “workshop” represents the conviction that the skills for this type of research are best acquired and used in a setting where students, working as apprentices and journeymen, have the opportunity to collaborate with experienced scholars. 

The Ostrom Workshop is housed in four "academic houses." Park 1 (513 N. Park) serves as our administrative center, while the other houses—Park 2 (515 N. Park), Park 3 (521 N. Park), and Park 4 (505 N. Park)—provide office space for researchers and students.

In August 2014, Lee Alston was appointed as the new Director to move the Ostrom Workshop’s strong foundations and relations forward in our current work.

The Ostrom Workshop: A Campus Asset for Social Scientists by Lee Alston, 8/14/15

Policies and Procedures Handbook, 2015–2016  The handbook is intended to acquaint faculty, visiting scholars, and students with our general policies and operating procedures as well as facilities.

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