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February 13, 2020

Polycentric Circles
The Ostrom Workshop Bi-Weekly Newsletter
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From the Library
Greetings! The Workshop Research Library is excited to report that we have new resources related to governance and commons issues. Recently we started working on a Researcher’s Toolkit to help with teaching classes and offer reading lists, past syllabi and other resources. We will be updating this page regularly so check back, or let us know about any items we might have missed.

Another resource is the Elinor Ostrom Living Bibliography. We've had this resource for a while, but are always adding new books and articles written about Lin to it.

We hope to update our Library Catalog and the Digital Library of the Commons this year also, and will let you know when that happens. Happy reading!

Check out all our library resources here

In the News
Ostrom Workshop Appoints Scott Shackelford as its New Executive Director
Scott J. Shackelford has been appointed executive director of the Ostrom Workshop on the Indiana University Bloomington campus. Shackelford has served as the workshop's acting director since August 2019; he is also director of the Ostrom Workshop Program on Cybersecurity and Internet Governance.

Shackelford replaces Lee Alston, professor of economics in the College of Arts and Sciences at IU Bloomington, who is returning to his teaching and research after five years of leading the Workshop. Press release

At the Workshop
Elinor Ostrom as an Inspiration and Mentor to Women Scholars
As part of the Tocqueville Lecture Series, on January 31st, the Workshop hosted a roundtable featuring former students Gwen Arnold and Edella Schlager with Professor Lauren MacLean facilitating. This event celebrated Lin’s work in light of her seminal contributions by showing how her writings remain highly relevant for anyone seeking to reform our educational policies today. Video
Recent Publications
Robert Holahan, and Prakash Kashwan. 2019. "Disentangling the Rhetoric of Public Goods from Their Externalities: The Case of Climate Engineering." Global Transitions 1: 132-40.
Kashwan, P. 2020. "Management in the Guise of Governance? Rethinking the Ends and the Means of Natural Resource Governance." In Governing Renewable Natural Resources: Theories and Frameworks, ed. Fiona Nunan. London: Routledge.
Scott J. Shackelford, "The Future of Frontiers."" Lews & Clark Law Review Volume 23 issue 4, 2020. 1331
Upcoming Events
Colloquium Series
Colloquiums are held each Monday from 12-1:00 at the Ostrom Workshop.
  • February 17 - Luca Opromolla - Banco de Portugal
  • February 24 - Claudia Avellaneda - O'Neill School of Public & Environmental Affairs, IU.
  • For details see our

    Research Series
    Research Series is held most Wednesdays from 12-1:00 at the Ostrom Workshop.
  • February 19 - Cate Racek - Research Development Specialist, Ostrom Workshop
  • February 26 - Salih Yasun - Political Science, Ostrom Research Awardee.
  • For details see our

    Tocqueville Lecture Series
    April 3 - Roundtable with Bobbi Herzberg, Vlad Tarko, Mike McGinnis, & Aurelian Craiutu. Discussion on new books about Elinor Ostrom. For details check our website

    Ostrom Lecture on Environmental Policy
    The Fourth Annual Ostrom Lecture on Environmental Policy will be presented by Peter Kareiva, Director, Institute of the Environment & Sustainability, UCLA. Monday, April 15, 2020, 4:30 - 5:30 at the University Club in the Indiana Memorial Union. Reception to follow
    view more events »
    Ostrom Fellowships
    Funding is available for a limited number of fellowships for incoming or currently enrolled graduate students working in areas that relate to the intellectual mission of the Workshop. Students are nominated by their director of graduate studies and evaluated by an interdisciplinary committee of Workshop Affiliates. Nomination Deadline: February 21, 2020. link

    Visiting Scholars
    The Ostrom Workshop accepts nominations from all Workshop Affiliates to invite exceptional non-IU colleagues as Visiting Scholars to undertake research, and participate in and enrich the research life of the Workshop. Nominations will be accepted March 1, 2020. link

    Working Groups
    For many years, the Workshop has facilitated the extablishment of self-organized working groups. Topics covered vary from year to year. Most groups are mechanisms enabling people who share common interests to discuss their current research and benefit from each other's commentary and criticism. For more information on working groups and to view current working groups, please visit our website.
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