Visiting Scholars

Please note that new procedures are in place effective December 1, 2016. We no longer accept direct applications.

Nominations will be accepted twice a year: October 1 and March 1

The Ostrom Workshop accepts nominations from all Workshop Affiliates to invite exceptional non-IU colleagues as Visiting Scholars to undertake research, and participate in and enrich the research life of the Workshop. The purpose of the Visiting Scholars program is to facilitate collaborations among IU-based and non-IU based faculty, researchers, and graduate students leading to high-profile publications and grant submissions. Invitees can be senior or junior faculty, as well as advanced graduate students (at the dissertation stage); they can be US or international visitors; and the duration of their visit may range from a week to a full academic year, but not during the summer months (May-August). We will review nominations through an interdisciplinary Visiting Scholars Selection Committee, which meets twice a year (more information about the selection process provided below).


The Affiliate nominee will also act as the mentor or co-mentor (in case of external Affiliate nominees) to the Visiting Scholar. For external Affiliates nominating scholars, we ask that they find a co-mentor on the IU campus to acclimate the scholar to the Workshop and IU. We encourage mentor(s) to meet with the scholars, suggest other faculty or groups to meet with, and encourage other engagement at the Workshop and IU to help the scholar make the most of their time at the Workshop.


The Ostrom Workshop has limited funding available. Requests must include a statement of existing funding support as well as document any residual need. Decisions on financial support will be made by the Visiting Scholars Selection Committee. The funding could be used for housing, travel, or research expenses and will be reported as taxable income. Funding from the Workshop may be combined with funding from other sources at IU, such as the Office of the Vice Provost for Research’s Institute of Advanced Study Visiting Fellows—in fact, we encourage this in order to make best use of all campus resources. In some cases, the Selection Committee may approve the nomination with a reduction in the funding amount requested. We therefore ask nominators to specify on the budget form if the nominee would accept such a reduction.

Travel and Accommodation

The invited scholar and their sponsoring Affiliate will be responsible for making all travel arrangements. The Workshop will assist with visa processing as needed.

If the Visiting Scholar wishes to live in campus housing, the Workshop can facilitate those arrangements. If they prefer to live off-campus, the Scholar and Affiliate will be responsible for making housing arrangements.

The Workshop will provide office space and access to computing equipment and support.

  • Play a part in the intellectual life of the Workshop, through regular attendance at the weekly Colloquium and Research Series (Mon. & Wed., 12–1 p.m.), and engagement with related Research Programs, as well as other research activities
  • Attend POLS Y673/ECON E724/SPEA P710/LAW B592, Institutional Analysis: Concepts and Applications, if they are in residence during the Fall semester (Tues. & Thurs., 1–2:15 p.m.)
  • Present a paper at one of the two weekly series (the paper must be a work in progress; no submitted articles are accepted)

Nomination and Selection Process

The Workshop will accept nominations for Visiting Scholars twice a year: October 1 and March 1. Nominations must be submitted at least three months before the visitor’s date of arrival on campus. The nominating Affiliate should expect to be notified about the decision no later than one month after the deadline. If the nomination is approved, the Ostrom Workshop will issue a formal letter of invitation to the Scholar.

Selection Criteria

Selection criteria include the following:
• Relevance of the academic work proposed to the Workshop’s mission and goals
• Prospects for future publications or grants
• Workshop’s available funds
• Physical space in Workshop facilities

Nomination Package

Affiliates should submit the following documents in the order listed below as a single PDF file and send to :

1. Completed Nomination Form
2. Scholar’s CV
3. 1–2 page research proposal covering the work to be completed while in residence as a Visiting Scholar at the Ostrom Workshop
4. Completed Budget Form: Senior Scholars  /  Junior Scholars
5. Documentation of English proficiency for international visitors (in addition to TOEFL scores, if available, the nominator should provide information about the nominee’s English proficiency)