New Ostrom Workshop Blockchain Governance Initiative

Even though Bitcoin gets most of the press, the underlying tech, blockchain, is the bigger story; simply put, according to Goldman Sachs, it could “change ‘everything.’” Interest is widespread, with organizations ranging from DARPA to Disney investing in blockchain. But is all the hype justified? How can this technology be leveraged to build trust in distributed systems, and where might it, in fact, make matters worse?

The Ostrom Workshop is taking on the challenge of blockchain governance with a new multidisciplinary collaboration—the Blockchain Governance Initiative (BGI)—that will be a partnership between our Cybersecurity and Data Governance Programs. To join our working group, and learn more about the exciting blockchain research going on around IU, please sign up for our dedicated blockchain list-serve here:

We’ll begin this coming Fall with a special ‘Cookies and Hard Problems’ session on Blockchain Governance during which we will discuss both projects already the pipeline as well as new opportunities for engagement.

Please reach out to either Prof. Scott Shackelford or Prof. Angie Raymond with any questions/suggestions.