Training scholars lies at the core of the Ostrom Workshop’s educational mission. The culmination of each Y673 seminar is a mini-conference. Students and visiting scholars write papers to be presented before their colleagues. Traditionally, the papers have been presented by another colleague. In 2016, we tweak the tradition a bit, allowing students to present their own work and thus practice a critical, but often overlooked skill: how to summarize and present an argument to a diverse audience (20 minutes). Students will then receive feedback from a faculty member who has carefully read the paper in advance (10–15 minutes). Each respondent should focus on suggesting constructive changes to improve the author’s argument, analysis, or style as they come through both in the paper and during the presentation. The author of the paper has then up to five minutes to respond to the issues raised by the respondent. Finally, we open the floor to questions from the general audience (10 minutes).

Papers will be made available to respondents as soon as they are available and no later than Saturday, December 10, 2016. We encourage respondents to participate for the whole event, or for as much of it as fits their schedule. We trust that this year’s mini-conference will be a productive event, for instructors, respondents, audience—but especially for our students.