Spring 2012


  • 1-18-12: Constitutional-level Deliberations after Crises in Pakistan: Polycentric Governance and Political Islam
    Anas Malik, Associate Professor, Political Science/Sociology and Associate Professor, International Studies Program, Xavier University, and Visiting Scholar at the Workshop

  • 1-23-12: Toward A Political Economy of Cost-Benefit Analysis
    Professor Daniel H. Cole, Professor of Law and of Public and Environmental Affairs; Affiliated Faculty, Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis

  • 1-25-12: War and Progressivity: Levels and Structures of Taxation in Western Europe and the United States, 1900–1945
    Lucy Barnes, post doctoral fellow, Nuffield College, University of Oxford

  • 1-27-12: Universality and the European law of nations in the eighteenth century: The case of Turkey
    Dr. Jennifer Pitts, Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Chicago

  • 1-30-12: Topic vs. Population: When Will “College Sophomores” Be Better Experimental Subjects than Adults?
    Dr. Yanna Krupnikov, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, IUB (Paper joint project with Adam Seth Levine, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Cornell University)

  • 2-1-12: SES Framework
    Workshop Working Group: Integrating Ecological Perspectives with the Social-Ecological Systems Framework; Graham Epstein, Coordinator

  • 2-6-12: Robust Yet Fragile
    Professor J.B. Ruhl, David Daniels Allen Distinguished Chair in Law, Vanderbilt University Law School, Nashville, TN

  • 2-8-12: Between the Landscape and the Game: Designing Virtual Environments for Education and Research in National Parks and beyond
    Ellen Jameson, visiting research associate, Center for Research on Learning and Technology, School of Education, IUB

  • 2-13-12: Topic Modeling for Unstructured Textual Data: A Case Study from the IFRI Database
    David Bender, graduate student, Center for Research on Concepts and Cognition (CRCC), IUB

  • 2-15-12: Habitability: some thoughts and problems in defining an institutional framework of analysis
    Francesco Minora, visiting scholar, Workshop; post-doc researcher, Euricse European Research Institute on Cooperative and Social Enterprises, Trento Italy

  • 2-20-12: Wait for It … Commons, Copyright and the Private Ordering of Scientific Publishing
    Jorge Contreras, Visiting Associate Professor of Law, American University Washington School of Law

  • 02-22-12: Power for Development: The Political Economy of Collaborative Governance in Decentralized Energy Production in the Developing World
    Lauren MacLean, Asst. Professor, Dept. of Political Science, IUB and Jennifer Brass, Asst. Professor, SPEA, IUB

  • 2-24-12: The Age of Sympathy
    Dr. Ryan Hanley, Associate Professor of Political Science, Marquette University; Co-sponsored by the Tocqueville Program and the Workshop

  • 2-27-12: Human behavior and energy consumption – Perceptions, biases, and motivations
    Dr. Shahzeen AttariAssistant Professor, SPEA

  • 2-29-12: Yes We Can: One Horse Town to 100 Horsepower Town in 15 years
    Binka Le Breton, writer and lecturer on environmental and human rights, Iracambi (Brazil)

  • 3-5-12: The scalar reorganization of natural resource governance in Europe: Comparing and theorizing about the transformation of Water and Marine Goverance in Spain, Portugal and Germany
    Andreas Thiel, visiting scholar, Workshop; assistant professor at the Division of Resource Economics, Humboldt-University zu Berlin, Germany

  • 3-7-12: Elite capture, elite persistence and conflict in cross–scale linkages in the Mexican forest commons
    Gustavo Garcia Lopez, doctoral student, SPEA, IUB

  • 3-19-12: Conflicts over the Commons- Communal Conflicts in Darfur and Eastern Sudan
    Johan Brosché, doctoral student, Dept. of Peace and Conflict Research, Uppsala Universitet, and visiting scholar at the Center on International Cooperation at New York University

  • 3-21-12: Developments of the social-ecological systems framework
    Michael Cox, Research Associate at the Workshop

  • 3-26-12: Governance in Muslim Societies mini-series The Many Meanings of dimuqratiyyah: Moroccan Islamiyun and the Recoding of Democracy
    Ahmed Khanani, graduate student, Department of Political Science

  • 3-28-12: The Role of Ethical Standards in Individual and Group Decisions
    David Krantz, Professor, Department of Psychology, Columbia University, NY NY

  • 4-2-12: Governance in Muslim Societies mini-series Polycentric Governance in Pakistan: Rules-in-Use and a Contested Constitutional Metanorm
    Anas Malik, Associate Professor, Political Science/Sociology, Associate Professor, International Studies Program, Xavier University; and Visiting Scholar, Workshop

  • 4-4-12: Rules and Decision Making: Assessing Compliance through an Institutional Lens
    Saba Siddiki, Assistant Professor, SPEA, IUPUI

  • 4-9-12: Governance in Muslim Societies mini-series Approaching Study of Political Culture in Afghanistan with the IAD & SES Frameworks
    Dr. Nazif Shahrani, Visiting Scholar at the Workshop on Political Theory and Policy Analysis & Professor Depts. of Anthropology, CEUS & NELC-Indiana University

  • 4-11-12: Addressing global sustainability challenges from the bottom up
    Marco Janssen, Associate Professor in the School of Human Evolution and Social Change and the Director of the Center for the Study of Institutional Diversity

  • 4-16-12: Connecting Complexities: Examining Issues in Mental Illness through a Focus on Networks
    Professor Bernice Pescosolido, Distinguished Professor, Department of Sociology; and Director, Indiana Consortium for Mental Health Services Research, Schuessler Institute for Social Research, IUB

  • 4-18-12: The Role of Freewill and Public Participation in Institutional Fit: A Social-Psychological Perspective
    Dan DeCaro, postdoctoral researcher and visiting scholar at the Workshop and the assistant director for Indiana University’s Interdisciplinary Experimental Laboratory

  • 4-23-12: Building Adaptive Capacity to Climate Change in Less Developed Countries
    Maria Carmen Lemos, associate professor, School of Natural Resources and Environment, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

  • 4-25-12: Cutting trees, raising cattle, and conservation in Amazonia: a temporal comparison of land use strategies under different institutional arrangements
    Francisco Kennedy Souza, PhD Candidate with SPEA and associate student with the Anthropological Center for Training and Research on Global Environmental Change (ACT)