Fall 2014


  • 9-8-14: An Appeal for Smarter Decisions
    Professor Joseph Arvai, Department of Sociology, Michigan State University

  • 9-10-14: Campaign Spending, Poverty Levels and Electoral Outcomes in Brazil
    Dr. Dalson Britto Figueiredo Filho, Department of Political Science, Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil; Ostrom Workshop Visiting Scholar

  • 9-17-14: Pakistan's Strategic Obsession and the Road to Catastrophe: Is There a Way Out?
    Jagmohan Meher, Senior Fulbright-Nehru Fellow, Department of Political Science, IUB

  • 9-22-14: The Political Transaction Costs and Uncertainties of Establishing Environmental Rights
    Professor Kerry Krutilla, School of Public and Environmental Affairs, IUB (coauthor: Alexander Alexeev, Visiting Research Fellow, Indiana Univ; and Environmental and Economic Risk Consulting, Odessa, Ukraine)

  • 9-24-14: Is Displacement Rational? Explaining the Relationship between Information Flows and Displacement
    Justin Schon, PhD Student, Department of Political Science, IUB

  • 9-29-14: Identifying Social Capacity to Address Non Point Source Pollution
    Dr. Linda Prokopy, Department of Forestry and Natural Resources, Purdue University

  • 10-1-14: Forest Cooperation Forms and Governance Settings in South Eastern European Context: General Overview of Croatia and Serbia
    Marina Miovska, FONASO PhD Fellow, Dept of Land, Environment, Agriculture and Forestry, University of Padua, Legnaro, Italy; Ostrom Workshop Visiting Scholar

  • 10-6-14: Data Provenance and Agent Based Models: Technological Contributions to Social Ecological Systems Research
    Professor Beth Plale, School of Informatics and Computing, IUB

  • 10-8-14: Giving Rights to Nature: A New Institutional Approach for Overcoming Social Dilemmas?
    Julia Talbot-Jones, PhD Candidate, Crawford School of Public Policy, The Australian National University, Canberra; Ostrom Workshop Visiting Scholar

  • 10-13-14: Governments' Environmental Policy Instruments: A Brief Overview of a New(ish) Framework
    Professor Kenneth Richards, School of Public and Environmental Affairs, IUB

  • 10-15-14: Messy and Technical Governance of Renewable Energy: An Institutional Analysis of Consenting Biogas Plants in Germany
    Melf-Hinrich Ehlers, Applied Economist, James Hutton Institute, Aberdeen, Scotland,UK; Ostrom Workshop Visiting Scholar

  • 10-20-14: International Regional Governance: The Evolution of a New Institutional Form
    Professor Gary Goertz, Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies, University of Notre Dame

  • 10-22-14: University-Industry Knowledge Transfer through an Institutionalist Lens: Of Actors, Rules and Power in Greater Manchester, England
    Professor Christos Kalantaridis, School of Management, University of Bradford, UK; Ostrom Workshop Visiting Scholar

  • 10-27-14: Coding Formal Citizen Input Mechanisms in Local Government Charters
    Dr. Cali Curley, School of Public and Environmental Affairs, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

  • 10-29-14: Polycentricity and the Dispersal of Hierarchy: Digging into Vincent Ostrom’s Work
    Dr. Mark Stephan, School of Politics, Philosophy, and Public Affairs, Washington State University; Ostrom Workshop Visiting Scholar

  • 11-3-14: Wikipedia and the Microphysics of Political Order
    Dr. Simon DeDeo, School of Informatics and Computing, IUB

  • 11-5-14: A Model for Analyzing Sustainability of Malaria Control Policies: A Case Study at the Municipality of El Bagre (Colombia)
    Dr. Walter Salas Zapata, School of Microbiology, University of Antioquia, Medellin, Colombia; Ostrom Workshop Visiting Scholar

  • 11-10-14: Financial Risk as a Common Pool: Competition, Capture, and Governance of a Networked System
    Dr. W. Travis Selmier II, Affiliated Faculty, Ostrom Workshop, IUB; and Dr. W. Kindred Winecoff, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, IUB

  • 11-12-14: Policy Regimes, Latent Constitutive Institutions, and Machine Learning Methodology: Examples from EU Energy Policy and City of Helsinki Environmental Policy
    Dr. Arho Toikka, Social and Public Policy, Department of Social Research, University of Helsinki, Finland; Ostrom Workshop Visiting Scholar

  • 11-17-14: Catalyzing Transformative Pathways to Decarbonization
    Dr. Matthew Hoffmann, Department of Political Science, University of Toronto, Canada

  • 11-19-14: What is Africa’s ‘Energy’ Problem? Lessons from Uganda
    Dr. Christopher Gore, Department of Politics and Public Administration, Ryerson University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  • 12-1-14: The Production of Information in the Attention Economy
    Dr. Giovanni Luca Ciampaglia, Center for Complex Networks and Systems Research, School of Informatics and Computing, IUB

  • 12-3-14: Voluntary Disclosure of Contributions: An Experimental Study on Non-Mandatory Approaches for Improving Public Good Provision
    Ursula Kreitmair, PhD Student, SPEA & Department of Political Science, IUB

  • 12-8-14: Finding a “Commons” in Roman Law (Public and Private Water Rights)
    Dr. Cynthia Bannon, Department of Classical Studies, IUB

  • 12-10-14: Governance of Trans-Provincial Water Pollution in Tai Lake, China: From the Perspective of Stakeholder Relations in the Case of Jiangsu and Zhejiang Province
    Hang (Anna) Zhang, PhD Student, Public Management, School of Government, Nanjing University, P.R. China; Ostrom Workshop Visiting Scholar