Fall 2013


  • 9-9-13: Polycentric Resilience: Why Did State-Building Exercises Fail in Myanmar/Burma?
    Professor Tun Myint, Department of Political Science, Carleton College
  • 9-16-13: The Evolution of Watershed Institutions in the U.S.
    Professor Craig Anthony (Tony) Arnold, Louis D. Brandeis School of Law, University of Louisville

  • 9-18-13: Power, Networks and Violent Conflict: A Comparison of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan
    Professor Ídil Tunçer-Kílavuz, Department of Political Science and Public Administration, Istanbul Medeniyet University; Workshop Visiting Scholar

  • 9-20-13: The Great Enrichment, 1800-2013: Ethics, Rhetoric, and Market-Tested Innovation
    Professor Deirdre McCloskey, Department of Economics and History, University of Illinois at Chicago

  • 9-23-13: Towards a Method to Assess Ex-Post Regulatory Effectiveness: Applying Institutional Grammar to Tobacco Legislation in Mexico
    Professor Salvador Espinosa, School of Public Affairs, San Diego State University

  • 9-30-13: Governance and the Problem of 'Fit' in Aquatic Systems
    Professor Derek Armitage, Department of Environment and Resource Studies, University of Waterloo

  • 10-2-13: Product of Our Environment: The Effect of Institutions on the Use of Voting Heuristics
    Nicholas D'Amico, PhD Candidate, Department of Political Science, IUB

  • 10-4-13: Rereading J.S. Mill
    Professor Alan Ryan, Department of Politics, Princeton University

  • 10-7-13: The Design Principles: Ultimate and Proximate Causations in Food and Agriculture
    Professor Michael L. Cook, Department of Agricultural Economics, University of Missouri, Columbia

  • 10-9-13: Scientific Rigor, Policy Relevance, and Radical Commons
    Ryan Conway, PhD Student, Department of Political Science, IUB

  • 10-14-13: The Challenge of Offender Re-Entry: A Cooperative Response
    Professor Ann Hoyt, Department of Consumer Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison

  • 10-16-13: The Relationship between Private Property Rights in Land and Environmental Degradation: A Review of the Literature
    Martin Delaroche, Research Assistant, Graduate Institute of Latin American Studies (IHEAL), University Paris 3 Sorbonne-Nouvelle; Workshop Visiting Scholar

  • 10-21-13: Commons at the Intersection of Peer Production, Citizen Science, and Big Data: Galaxy Zoo
    Professor Michael J. Madison, School of Law, University of Pittsburgh

  • 10-23-13: The Brazilian-European Boundary in Amazonia: An IAD Study about Bilateral Resources
    Raimundo Nonato Junior, Assistant Professor, Parana State University, UNICENTRO, Brazil; Workshop and ACT Visiting Scholar

  • 10-28-13: Agrobiodiversity and Environmental Governance: The Contested Social-Ecological Futures of Food and Land Use
    Professor Karl Zimmerer, Department of Geography, Earth and Environmental Systems Institute (EESI), Penn State Institutes for Energy and the Environment (PSIEE), Pennsylvania State University

  • 10-30-13: A Tool for All People, but Not All Occasions: How Voting Heuristics Interact with Political Knowledge and Environment
    Jacob Bower-Bir, PhD Candidate, Joint Program, School of Public and Environmental Affairs and Department of Political Science; and Nicholas D'Amico, PhD Candidate, Department of Political Science, IUB

  • 11-1-13: Capitalism and Inequality: What the Right and the Left Get Wrong
    Professor Jerry Muller, Department of History, Catholic University of America
  • 11-4-13: Institutional Collective Action: Network Collaboration among Cities for Regional Development and Sustainability
    Professor Richard Feiock, Askew School of Public Administration and Policy, Florida State University
  • 11-6-13: Child Support and Mexican Labor Migration to the U.S.
    Professor Bernard Trujillo, School of Law, Valparaiso University; Workshop Visiting Scholar

  • 11-11-13: Environmental Goods and Services on Private Lands: What Can be Learned from Common Pool Resource Theory about the Management of Spatially Diffuse Resources?
    Professor Michael Drescher, School of Planning, University of Waterloo

  • 11-13-13: Institutionalizing Certification for Sustainability: Are Biofuel Certification Systems Fit for Purpose?
    Christine Moser, PhD Candidate, Faculty of Sustainability, Leuphana Universität Lüneburg, Germany

  • 11-20-13: Institutions of Public Information and the Problem of Regulatory Commitment
    Ranjan Kumar Ghosh, PhD Candidate, Division of Resource Economics, Humboldt University Berlin; Workshop Visiting Scholar

  • 12-2-13: Ways to Interrelate Actor- and Transaction-Centered Frameworks in SES Research and Integrate Higher Level Governance?
    Professor Andreas Thiel, Department of Agricultural Economics, Humboldt University Berlin; Workshop Visiting Scholar

  • 12-4-13: Are Different Kinds of Collective Action the Next Evolution in Addressing the U.S. Health Dilemma?
    Evon Holladay, Vice President, Enterprise Intelligence, Catholic Health Initiatives; Workshop Visiting Scholar

  • 12-9-13: Common Property, Coaseian Bargains, and Efficient Collaboration
    Professor Emerita Margaret McKean, Department of Political Science, Duke University
  • 12-11-13: Voluntary Provision of Information and Public Goods: An Experimental Study
    Ursula Kreitmair, Joint PhD Student, School of Public and Environmental Affairs and Department of Political Science, IUB