Fall 2012


  • 8-27-12: Roundtable
    Chair: Burney Fischer, Director of the Ostrom Workshop and Clinical Professor in SPEA, IUB

  • 9-5-12: Sharing the Burden: Law, Politics, and the Making of the Modern American Fiscal State, 1880–1930
    Ajay K. Mehrotra, Associate Dean for Research, Professor of Law, and Louis F. Niezer Faculty Fellow; Adjunct Associate Professor of History, IUB

  • 9-10-12: Ecology of Games
    Mark Lubell, Professor, Department of Environmental Science and Policy and Director, Center for Environmental Policy and Behavior

  • 9-12-12: Renewable Energy Policy Panacea? A Comparative Case Study of the Development Outcomes of the Ownership Model of Wind Energy
    Keith Taylor, visiting scholar at the Ostrom Workshop

  • 9-17-12: The Co-evolution of Network Strucutre, Strategic Behavior, and Equilibrium Dynamics
    Frank Page, Professor of Economics, IUB

  • 9-17-12: The Conservative Case Against the Constitution
    Patrick Deneen, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Notre Dame, and Frank Potenziani Chair of Constitutional Studies; co-sponsors: Tocqueville, Intercollegiate Studies Institute, Wilmington, Delaware, and Ostrom Workshop

  • 9-19-12: Towards an interdisciplinary social-ecological systems (SES) framework
    Graham Epstein, a a student in the joint PhD program in Public Policy at the School of Public and Environmental Affairs and the Department of Political Science

  • 9-24-12: Immigration, Wages, and a Sustainable Economic Future: Immigration as a Moral Issue
    Lloyd Orr, Professor Emeritus, Economics, IU

  • 9-26-12: Alpine Common Property Institutions under Change: Conditions for Successful and Unsuccessful Collective Action of Alpine Farmers in the Canton Graubünden of Switzerland
    Gabriela Landolt, doctoral student, Social Anthropology, Universität Bern Institut für Sozialanthropologie, and visiting scholar, Ostrom Workshop

  • 10-1-12: Commons in the Cultural Environment
    Brett Frischmann, Professor of Law, Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, and Katherine Strandburg, Professor of Law, New York University School of Law

  • 10-3-12: A great transformation: Resettlement policies, institutions and metabolic patterns in the Tibetan rangelands
    Jampel Dell'Angelo, Visiting scholar, Ostrom Workshop

  • 10-5-12: The political consequences of the moral point of view in Nietzsche and Weber
    Tracy Strong, Distinguished Professor of Political Science, University of California, San Diego; co-sponsors: Tocqueville Program, Department of Political Science, and Center for the Theoretical Inquiry in Humanities

  • 10-8-12: Why “Club” Goods have Proliferated in Investment Finance
    Travis Selmier III, PhD candidate, Department of Political Science, IUB

  • 10-10-12: Operationalizing the “E” in SES: Making Ecology Explicit in the Social-Ecological Systems Framework
    Integrating Ecological Perspectives with the Social-Ecological Systems Framework working group at the Ostrom Workshop; Graham Epstein speaking, presentation based largely on work completed by Jessica Vogt and Sarah Mincey

  • 10-22-12: Mores and Institutions: Tocquevillian Insights and Postcommunist Democratizations
    Venelin Ganev, Professor of Political Science, Miami University of Ohio; co-sponsors: Tocqueville and Ostrom Workshop

  • 10-24-12: Understanding robustness to disturbance through the theory of the commons: a Qualitative Comparative Analysis of responses to disturbances in five Spanish irrigation systems
    Sergio Villamayor Tomas, PhD candidate, and Ostrom Workshop graduate student
  • 10-26-12: Was Tocqueville Ever American?
    Olivier Zunz, Commonwealth Professor of History, University of Virginia, Charlottsville; co-sponsors: Tocqueville, Center for Philantropy, and Ostrom Workshop

  • 10-29-12: Where Rivers Meet the Sea, the Political Ecology Of Water
    Stephanie Kane, Associate Professor, Department of Criminal Justice, IUB

  • 10-31-12: How could a network approach shed light on our understanding of the nature of state in post-conflict situations?
    Timor Sharan, visiting scholar at the Ostrom Workshop

  • 11-2-12: Civil Religion: A Window into Perennial Themes of Political Philosophy? Horizons of Knowledge Lecture
    Ronald Beiner, Professor of Political Science, University of Toronto

  • 11-5-12: US Energy Policy and the Pursuit of Failure
    Peter Grossman, Professor and Efroymson Chair, Economics, Butler University

  • 11-7-12: Public Health, Private Land, and the Police Power
    Robin Craig, Professor and Associate Dean of Environmental Programs at Florida State

  • 11-12-12: Private Provisioning of Public Adaptation Goods: The Case of Irrigated Agriculture in Central Arizona
    Abigail York, Assistant Professor in the School of Human Evolution and Social Change at Arizona State University

  • 11-14-12: Information and Common Pool Resources: An Experimental Study of Conditional Cooperation
    Ursula Kreitmair, joint PhD program student in Public Policy of IU's School of Public and Environmental Affairs and the Department of Political Science

  • 11-26-12: Getting Along On-Orbit: Behavioral and Institutional Underpinnings of U.S.-Russian Joint Operations of the ISS
    William Bianco, Professor, Department of Political Science, IUB, and affiliated faculty, Ostrom Workshop, with Jeffrey Hill,Professor and Department Chair, Department of Political Science, Northeastern Illinois University, and Robert Landis, Technical Manager, Senior Engineer, NASA Goddard-Wallops Flight Facility

  • 11-28-12: Barriers and Bridges for Collective Action In Mediterranean Semi-Arid Watersheds. A Network Analysis of Social-Ecological Systems
    Irene Iniesta, visiting scholar at the Ostrom Workshop

  • 12-3-12: Efficiency and/or Fairness? Understanding the Origins of Prior Appropriation in Early California
    Mark Kanazawa, Professor of Economics, Carleton College

  • 12-5-12: The Relational Nature of the Coup D’état
    Josef Woldense, a PhD student in Political Science at Indiana University Bloomington