Program Affiliates

General Research Interests
Geographical Area
Renzo de la Riva Agüero
SPEA/Political Science, IU
Service delivery; municipal performance; climate change; waste management; political economy of developmentLatin America
Ricardo Bello-Gómez
Anthony J. DeMattee
Natnatee Dokmai
Computer Science, IU
Cryptography, usable security and privacy, sciene and technology studies, critical ethnography and geographyGlobal
Edwar Escalante
Texas Tech University
Todd Haugh
Kelley School of Business, IU
White collar crime and sentencing; business ethics; behavioral ethics; behavioral ethics risk; corporate compliance; corporate governanceUS
Yun Ju Kang
Maurer School of Law, IU
International law; human rights; transitional justice 
Ore Koren
Maurer School of Law, IU
International relations; political methodology; applied economics
J. Benjamin Lambert
Managing Director/Attorney, Lambert Worldwide
International and comparative technology law, business law, compliance and governance; international and comparative legal systems and ethics 
US, Global, ASEAN, EU
Michael Mattioli
Maurer School of Law, IU
Implications of private cooperation on technology policyUS
Ameet Morjaria
Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University
Development economics; organizational economics; political economySub-Saharan Africa
Jessica O'Reilly
International Studies, IU
SGIS climate; science; policy
Tim Samples
Terry College of Business, University of Georgia
Global governance; investor-state relations; international lawLatin America & US
Stella Emery Santana
Abdulkader Sinno
Political Science & NELC, IU
Civil war; conflict; Muslim minorities in West; Islamist parties in Muslim countriesMiddle East, Afghanistan, Western Europe
David Skarbek
Political Science, Brown University
Political economy of institutions; institutional change; collective action; norms; ethnic conflict
Jessica Steinberg
International Studies, IU
Conflict; natural resources; strategic governance; local institutionsAfrica
Abbey Stemler
Kelley School of Business, IU
Innovation law; regulatory theory; regulation of the Internet; legislation & statutory interpretation; behavioral economics; regulation of platform technology companies; privacy law; applied ethicsUS, Israel, China
Kevin Taber
Political Science IU
William Winecoff
Political Science, IU
International political economy; finance; governance; regulation; networks
Salih Yasun
Political Science, IU