Program Affiliates

General Research Interests
Geographical Area
Ricardo Andrés Bello-Gómez
IU Bloomington
Renzo de la Riva Agüero
SPEA/Political Science, IU Bloomington
Service delivery; municipal performance; climate change; waste management; political economy of developmentLatin America
Anthony J. DeMattee
SPEA, IU Bloomington
Edwar Escalante
Texas Tech University
Yun Ju Kang
Maurer School of Law, IU Bloomington
International law; human rights; transitional justice 
Jessica O'Reilly
International Studies, IU Bloomington
SGIS climate; science; policy
Stella Emery Santana
IU Bloomington
Abdulkader Sinno
Political Science & NELC, IU Bloomington
Civil war; conflict; Muslim minorities in West; Islamist parties in Muslim countriesMiddle East, Afghanistan, Western Europe
David Skarbek
Political Science, Brown University
Political economy of institutions; institutional change; collective action; norms; ethnic conflict
Jessica Steinberg
International Studies, IU Bloomington
Conflict; natural resources; strategic governance; local institutionsAfrica
Kevin Taber
IU Bloomington
William Kindred Winecoff
Political Science, IU Bloomington
International political economy; finance; governance; regulation; networks
Salih Yasun
IU Bloomington