Program Affiliates

General Research Interests
Geographical Area
Susan Ariel Aaronson
Institute of International Economic Policy, George Washington University
Digital trade & digital rights;
regulation of malware
Carolina Aguerre
Social Sciences, Universidad de San Andrés
Internet policy & governance; ICT for Development; media & cultural industries in the digital age; organizational theoryLatin America & the Caribbean; the developing world more generally
Frank AlexanderSustainable development; human rights; Internet governanceGlobal, Africa, South Asia
Analía Aspis
Law, University of Buenos Aires
Internet governance & cybersecurityWorldwide; mostly US, EU, & Latin American focus
Johannes Bauer
Media & Information, Michigan State University
Digital economy; Internet economics; cybersecurity; Internet governance; governance of network industries;
digital innovation; media & information economics; inequality
International, with particular interests in North America & Europe and strong
interests in other regions
Sandra Braman
Abbott Professor of Liberal Arts, Professor of Communication, Texas A&M University
Macro-level effects of the use of informational meta-technologies & their policy implications; the co-construction of law, technology, & the stateGlobal, but with a focus on the US
Keon K. Brown
Police officer; candidate, MS Cybersecurity Risk Management, IU
Privacy; policy; law enforcement; cybersecurity; information security; risk management
US, Global/Worldwide
Jerome Busemeyer
Psychological & Brain Sciences, IU
Human judgment & decision making
Jean Camp
School of Informatics & Computing, IU
Security; social informatics; proactive health informaticsUS
Madeline Carr
School of Law & Politics, Cardiff University
Internet governance & global cybersecurity; the problem of attribution in IR; cyber norms; IoT; cyber powerGlobal but with a focus on the US, UK, Australia, China
Fred Cate
Vice President for Research, IU
Privacy; cybersecurityUS, Europe
Aaron Clark-Ginsberg
Center for International Security & Cooperation, Stanford University
Disaster risk reduction & resilience; critical infrastructure; cybersecurity; international aid; natural disasters; urban riskConducted primary research in: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Haiti, Ireland, Kenya, Mozambique, Niger, Pakistan, Sierra Leone, US, & Zambia
Liv Coleman
Political Science & International Studies, University of Tampa
Japanese politics; global governance; global Internet governance; cybersecurity policy; gender politicsEast Asia, particularly Japan
Natnatee Dokmai
Computer Science, IU
Cryptography; usable security & privacy; sciene & technology studies; critical ethnography & geographyGlobal
C. Zachary Downs
MS Candidate, Cybersecurity Risk Management, IU
Cybercrime; cybersecurity; social engineering; cybersecurity awareness & training; policy developmentGlobal, but with a focus on the US
Benoît Dupont
School of Criminology, Université de Montréal
Cybercrime; social organization of hacking; coevolution of technology & crime; cybersecurityCanada, France, Australia, UK
Chase Edwards
Law, University of Louisiana-Lafayette
Economics of privacy; expectations of privacy; IoT; probable cause to obtain data from devices; public reaction to corporate cooperation with law enforcement; trade-offs between privacy & convenience; consumer valuation of privacyIraq, Afghanistan, UK, Australia, Louisiana, US Gulf Coast
Anthony Fargo
Media School, IU
Media law; First Amendment; press freedom; emerging media & the law; cybersecurity; media ethicsUS, Europe, Latin America
Alex Feerst
Center for Internet & Society, Stanford Law School
Law, in particular privacy, intellectual property, regulation of online speech, telecommunications; data ethicsUS
Shannon Ford
Department of Social Sciences, Curtin University
Soft war; propaganda; cyber espionage; political violence; jus ad vim; covert actionAsia-Pacific (esp. Australia, China, Singapore, Koreas, & Japan)
Janaki Gaddam
MS candidate, Cybersecurity Risk Management Program, IU
Risk management; information securityUS
Todd Haugh
Kelley School of Business, IU
White collar crime and sentencing; business ethics; behavioral ethics; behavioral ethics risk; corporate compliance; corporate governanceUS
Diane Henshel
School of Public & Environmental Affairs, IU
Risk assessment & modelingUS, Canada
Charlotte Hess
Emeritus Librarian, Syracuse University
Knowledge commons
Jonah Force Hill
US Department of Commerce
Global data flows; privacy; cybersecurityUS, Worldwide
Jennifer Holt
Film & Media Studies, University of California-SB
Broadly in arena of media policies in the digital era; operation & regulation of digital media infrastructure including broadband providers & data centers; Internet governance; issues of privacy & data securityUS; some Western Europe markets
Eric Jardine
Political Science, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University
Cybersecurity; measurement; information security; uses & abuses of the dark web; trust & online engagementUS, West, Global
Pandelis Kaplanis
MSIS Cyber Security President; MS Information Systems, IU
Smart buildings; IoT
Argyro Karanasiou
Law, Media & Communications School, Bournemouth University
AI; IoT; wearable tech; distributed architectures & mesh networks; online copyright & innovative technologies; health-related databases; big data; algorithmic accountability/automated decision making behavioural economics & predicitve analytics; online dispute resolutionEurope (EU legislation), UK, Southeastern Europe, US (only for First Amendment issues)
Matthias Kettemann
Cluster of Excellence "Formation of Normative Orders," Goethe-University of Frankfurt am Main
International law; human rights; security & human security; Internet governance; Internet regulation; cybersecurity; normative order(s) of the Internet
Inna Kouper
SICE Informatics, IU
Science and technology studies, scholarly communication, data management
US & Europe
Andreas Kuehn
Cyberspace Cooperation, EastWest Institute
Internet governance
Europe & Asia
Joanna Kulesza
International Law, University of Lodz
Internet governance; human rights; international law; state responsibility; international liability; due diligenceEurope (incl. Central & Eastern Europe), partially Asia & US
J. Benjamin Lambert
Managing Director/Attorney, Lambert Worldwide
International and comparative technology law, business law, compliance and governance; international and comparative legal systems and ethicsUS, Global, ASEAN, EU
Jun Liu
Media, Cognition, & Communication, University of Copenhagen
Information & communication technologies; political communication; Internet governance; political sociology; comparative studiesChina, Asia, Comparative perspective
Jessica Magaldi
Legal Studies & Taxation, Lubin School of Business, Pace University
Law of emerging technologies; employment-related legal issues; finance & tax lawUS
Christos Makridis
Economics; Management Science & Engineering, Stanford University
Public & labor economicsUS
Selvakumar Manickam
National Advanced IPv6 Centre, Universiti Sains Malaysia
Networks & cybersecuritySoutheast Asia
Renée Marlin-Bennett
Political Science, Johns Hopkins University
International theory; international political sociology of information; global political economy of information; embodiment; pragmatic epistemologyLimited expertise on Israel & the Middle East
Doron Narotzki
Accounting, University of Akron
Taxation; Internet & law; cybersecurity; policy; corporate lawUS
Josephine Sandler Nelson
Villanova Law School and Business School
Business ethics; corporate compliance; cybersecurity breachesUS & countries that have borrowed our securities disclosure model
Brian Nussbaum
College of Emergency Preparedness, Homeland Security & Cybersecurity (CEHC), University at Albany (SUNY)
State & local risk assessment & mitigationUS
Madison O'Day
BA Asymmetric Security, BA Arabic, IU
Cyberspace in asymmetric conflict; social media & propaganda; international regulation & cooperation
Middle East & North Africa
Nizan Geslevich Packin
Law, Zicklin School of Business, Baruch College, City University of New York
Financial regulation; information & privacy law; cybersecurity; financial technology; business law; consumer protectionPrimarily US; Israel & the EU
Angie Raymond
Business Law & Ethics, IU
Legal aspects of: international & domestic contracts; international commercial law; international & domestic secured transactions; cloud computing; big data; analytics; Internet law; international & domestic commercial arbitrationUS, EU, UK, Canada, NZ, Australia
Mark Raymond
International & Area Studies, University of Oklahoma
Internet governance; cybersecurity; international relations; international law; global governance; social constructivism; institutionsN/A
Carla L. Reyes
College of Law, Stetson University College of Law
Intersection of business, commercial law, & technology, with particular interest in blockchain technologyUS
Tim Samples
Terry College of Business, University of Georgia
Global governance; investor-state relations; international lawLatin America & US
Bruce Schneier
Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society, Harvard University
Security guruWorldwide
Jonathan Schubauer
School of Informations, Computing & Engineering, IU
Privacy; cybersecurity; IT governance; mobile security
John Selby
Accounting & Corporate Governance, Macquarie University
Spillover effects of the Internet on business; Internet governance; cybersecurity; domain name system; New Institutional Economics theory; interdisciplinary analyses combining the disciplines of law, politics, economics, sociology, history, & technologyAustralia; Asia-Pacific
Gabi Siboni
Institute for National Security Studies, Tel Aviv University
Cyber regulation; cognitive warfare; critical infrastructure; cyber strategy; cyber defence; integrated securityIsrael, US, EU, Iran, China, India
Abbey Stemler
Kelley School of Business, IU
Innovation law; regulatory theory; regulation of the Internet; legislation & statutory interpretation; behavioral economics; regulation of platform technology companies; privacy law; applied ethicsUS, Israel, China
Ramesh Subramanian
Computer Information Systems, Quinnipiac University & Yale Law School
Information security, privacy, public policy; data analytics; history of technologyUS, India
Geoffrey Swenson
International Politics, City, University of London
International relations; law; state-society relations; informal governance; cybersecuritySouth Asia, Southeast Asia, Afghanistan, Timor-Leste
Zakir Syed
ICANN Fellow & Newcomers/Fellows Coach, Independent Consultant, Pakistan/UAE
Internet governance; policy & regulation as well as the role Internet plays in development & other walks of life; emerging technologies, including the IoT, M2M, in the context of security & privacyMiddle East & North Africa (MENA) plus neighboring countries including Pakistan, Turkey, Afghanistan, Iran
Joseph Tomain
Maurer School of Law; Center for Applied Cybersecurity, IU
First Amendment; media law; information privacy; cybersecurity; Internet lawUS law
Hannibal Travis
Law, Florida International University
Copyright; software; patent reform; cybersecurity; cryptocurrencies; human rights; First AmendmentUS; some EU directives; Middle East re human rights law
Ioana Vasiu
Faculty of Law, Babeş-Bolyai University
Cybercrime nature, prevention, & litigation; ICT law; e-Business lawUS & EU
Rolf Hans Weber
Faculty of Law, University of Zurich
Information technology law; Internet governance; data security; cybersecurityEurope
Von Welch
Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research, IU
Cybersecurity (technical, policy, incentives); risk management; scientific computing
Bradley Wheeler
Office of the Vice President for IT and CIO; Professor, Kelley School ODT, IU
Economics of higher education—particularly IT services; Digital commerce; CybersecurityUS
Jenifer Sunrise Winter
School of Communications, University of Hawaii at Manoa
Internet of things; big data; Internet governance; artificial intelligence; civil rights & liberties; international & comparative cyberspace/cybersecurity law & policy
Asia-Pacific, particularly China; US
Hong Xue
School of Law, Beijing Normal University
Cyber law; e-commerce law; international trade law; intellectual property lawAsia and the Pacific region, primarily