Visiting Scholars

At any given time during the academic year, the Ostrom Workshop hosts an average of 8–10 long-term visitors as well as numerous short-term visitors from around the world.  

Current Visiting Scholars

Ivo Baur

Swiss Farm Accountancy Data Network (FADN), Agroscope, Ettenhausen, Switzerland


Ivo Baur (October 17, 2016–March 31, 2018) is a post-doc scholar funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation. His research focuses on agriculture and sustainability, in particular on the governance of summer pastures in the alpine regions of Switzerland. Before joining the Ostrom Workshop as a visiting scholar, he worked at Agroscope, in the Swiss Farm Accountancy Data Network (FADN). He holds a PhD in Geography, obtained from the LMU Munich in Germany.

F. Andrew Hanssen

Department of Economics, Clemson University


F. Andrew Hanssen (January 7–April 29, 2017) is Professor of Economics in the John E. Walker Department of Economics at Clemson University. His areas of research include institutions, law and economics, political economy, and industrial organization. Hanssen received a BA and MA from Johns Hopkins University, and an MBA and PhD from the University of Chicago. Before getting a PhD, he was a management consultant, working in Europe, Latin America, and the Far East. He joined the Clemson faculty in 2010, after holding positions at Montana State University and Colby College.

Jesper Larsson

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden


Jesper Larsson (August 6, 2016–July 31, 2017) is a Research Fellow at the Royal Academy of Letters, History, and Antiquities and Associated Senior Lecturer in Agrarian History at the Department of Urban and Rural Development, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Uppsala, Sweden. His research is focused on governance of natural resources in early modern Northern Scandinavia, particular common-pool resources. His project, Self-Governing and Globalization, addresses how landscape use and settlement development changed when an increase use of common-pool resources occurred. As a visiting scholar at the Ostrom Workshop, he will mainly focus on how the development of reindeer nomadism altered landscape use and the encounter between local users and the state in pre-modern Scandinavia.

Murilo Zacareli

Institute of International Relations, University of São Paulo, Brazil


Murilo Zacareli (August 1, 2016–July 31, 2017), is a PhD candidate in International Relations at the University of São Paulo, Brazil. He holds a Master’s degree in International Relations from the same institution and a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Foreign Commerce from the University of Ribeirão Preto (UNAERP). He is a researcher at the Center for the Studies of International Negotiations (CAENI) at the Institute of International Relations. His research interests are related to environmental politics, biodiversity regulation, non-state actors, and forest governance with a focus on non-timber forest products and sustainable development. The PhD research is supported by São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP).

Past Visiting Scholars