Workshop Affiliates

Current External Affiliates

General Research Interests
Geographical Area
Susan Ariel Aaronson
Institute of International Economic Policy, George Washington University
Digital trade and digital rights;
regulation of malware
Carolina Aguerre
Social Sciences, Universidad de San Andrés
Internet policy & governance; ICT for Development; media & cultural industries in the digital age; organizational theoryLatin America & the Caribbean; the developing world more generally
Barbara Allen
Political Science, Carleton College
Political communication; political theory—Ostrom, Tocqueville; commons governance; self-governmentNorth America, UK, Continental Europe
J. Marty Anderies
School of Human Evolution & Social Change, and School of Sustainability, Arizona State University
Institutions and the dynamics of coupled infrastructure systemsNepal, India, Thailand, Colombia, Southwest US
Krister Andersson
Political Science, University of Colorado-Boulder
Governance of natural resourcesLatin America
Ginger Armbruster
Chief Privacy Officer, City of Seattle
Operations; performance measurement; risk analysis; awareness; municipal governmentCity of Seattle, Washington State, US
Craig Anthony (Tony) Arnold
Law School, and Urban & Public Affairs, University of Louisville
Environment; land use; water governance (law and policy)US
Gwen Arnold
Environmental Science and Policy, University of California-Davis
Hydraulic fracturing; federalism; wetlands; street-level bureaucracy; institutional analysis; civic engagement; local government decision making; policy diffusion; policyMid-Atlantic US generally; some work in California
Analía Aspis
Law, University of Buenos Aires
Internet governance and cybersecurityWorldwide; mostly US, EU, & Latin American focus
Joseph B. Bahati
Forestry, Biodiversity & Tourism, Makerere University
Community resilience to climate and land useEastern Africa-Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia
Krista Bailey
Sustainability Studies, IU South Bend
Systemic approaches to designing social and constructed landscapes that support healthy and sustainable behaviorUS
Mansee Bal Bhargava
Institute of Architecture, Nirma University Ahmedabad
Water bodies management; habitat design; urban design-planning-management; microeconomicsIndia
Elizabeth Baldwin
School of Government and Public Policy, University of Arizona
Energy and water policy; public management; institutional analysisUS, Sub-Saharan Africa
Simanti Banerjee
Agricultural Economics, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Experimental economics; behavioral economics; game theory; social networksUS, India
Johannes Bauer
Media & Information, Michigan State University
Digital economy; Internet economics; cybersecurity; Internet governance; governance of network industries;
digital innovation; media & information economics; inequality
International, with particular interests in North America & Europe and strong
interests in other regions
Esther Blanco
Public Finance, University of Innsbruck
Environmental economics 
Jody Blanke
Stetson School of Business & Economics, Mercer University
Privacy; data protection; copyright & trademark law; law & society US
Simon Boehme
Co-Founder & CEO, LegalWin
Intersection of technology and social impact US, Ireland
Peter Boettke
Economics, George Mason University
Market process theory; comparative political economy; history of economic thought and methodology; economic development; economic methodology; Austrian economics; political economy; informal institutions US, Russia, Canada
Jacob Bower-Bir
Political Science, MIT
Institutional analysis and evolution; moral philosophy; political and economic behavior; political psychology; experimental methodologyUS, West Africa
Sandra Braman
Abbott Professor of Liberal Arts, Professor of Communication, Texas A&M University
Macro-level effects of the use of informational meta-technologies and their policy implications; the co-construction of law, technology, and the stateIn-depth focus on the US
Juan-Camilo Cardenas
Economics, Universidad de Los Andes
Cooperation; behavioral and experimental economicsLatin America
Madeline Carr
School of Law & Politics, Cardiff University
Internet governance & global cyber security; the problem of attribution in IR; cyber norms; IoT; cyber powerGlobal but with a focus on the US, UK, Australia, China
Federica Carugati
Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, Stanford University
Development of political, legal, & economic institutions in pre-modern, citizen-centered governments
Liv Coleman
Political Science & International Studies, University of Tampa
Japanese politics; global governance; global Internet governance; cybersecurity policy; gender politicsEast Asia, particularly Japan
Michael Cox 
Environmental Studies, Dartmouth College 
Commons governanceSouthwest US, Dominican Republic
Shane Day 
Public Administration, Mark O. Hatfield School of Government, Portland State University
Environmental policy; federalism; indigenous groupsNorth America, Europe, Latin America
Daniel A. DeCaro 
Urban & Public Affairs, Psych & Brain Sciences, University of Louisville
Cooperation; participation; social-ecological systemsDeveloping nations; US watersheds
Simon DeDeo
Social and Decision Sciences, Carnegie Mellon University
Social cognition; mathematics of social interaction; behavioral grammars; origins of political order
David Delaney
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
National security; cybersecurity; law and public policy; leadershipPrimarily US
Michael Drescher 
School of Planning, University of Waterloo
Social-ecological systems; sustainability; biodiversity; natural resources; vegetation dynamics; animal behaviorOntario, Canada; South Africa, Bolivia, France
Benoît Dupont
School of Criminology, Université de Montréal
Cybercrime; social organization of hacking; coevolution of technology and crime; cybersecurityCanada, France, Australia, UK
Tabrez Ebrahim
California Western School of Law
Patent law; entrepreneurship; innovation
US, Middle East
Chase Edwards
Law, University of Louisiana-Lafayette
Economics of privacy; expectations of privacy; IoT; probable cause to obtain data from devices; public reaction to corporate cooperation with law enforcement; trade-offs between privacy & convenience; consumer valuation of privacyIraq, Afghanistan, UK, Australia, Louisiana, US Gulf Coast
Tom Evans
School of Geography and Development, University of Arizona

Water and food security governance; agricultural decision makingKenya, Zambia, US
Alex Feerst
Center for Internet & Society, Stanford Law School
Law, in particular, privacy, intellectual property, regulation of online speech, telecommunications; data ethicsUS
Shannon Ford
Department of Social Sciences, Curtin University
Soft war; propaganda; cyber espionage; political violence; jus ad vim; covert actionAsia-Pacific (esp. Australia, China, Singapore, Koreas, & Japan)
Brett Frischmann
Law, Business & Economics, Villanova University
Infrastructure; knowledge; humanity; technology; data; intelligence; AI; techno-social engineering; governance; commons; institutions; public goods; built environment; GKC; Governing Knowledge Commons framework; spillovers; Internet; smart systemsUS, global/international
Franz Gatzweiler
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Behavior of complex social and ecological systemsCentral and Eastern European countries,
Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Malaysia
Ben Green
PhD candidate, Harvard University
Smart cities, data science, criminal justice, surveillanceUS
Konrad Hagedorn 
Resource Economics and WINS, Humboldt University
Institutional and resource economics; agrarian institutionsEU, post-socialist countries, India, Ethiopia, China, Central Asia
F. Andrew Hanssen 
Department of Economics, Clemson University
Institutions; law and economics; political economy; industrial organizationUS, ancient Greece
Tanya Heikkila 
School of Public Affairs, University of Colorado-Denver
Environmental policy and governanceWestern US, Mekong basin, India, Brazil
Robert Holahan
Environmental Studies & Political Science, State University of New York-Binghamton
Institutional economics; environmental policy; energy policyUS
Jennifer Holt
Film & Media Studies, University of California-SB
Broadly in arena of media policies in the digital era; operation & regulation of digital media infrastructure including broadband providers & data centers; Internet governance; issues of privacy & data securityUS; some Western Europe markets
Hong Xue
School of Law, Beijing Normal University
Cyber law; e-commerce law; international trade law; intellectual property lawAsia & the Pacific region, primarily
Marco Janssen
School of Sustainability, Arizona State University
Governance and robustness of SESsIndia, Thailand, Nepal, Colombia, China
Eric Jardine
Political Science, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University
Cybersecurity; measurement; information security; uses & abuses of the dark web; trust & online engagementUS, West, Global
Christos Kalantaridis 
Entrepreneurship and Innovation,
De Montfort University
University-industry knowledge transfer; open innovation; entrepreneurship and innovation in spatial and regional contextsUK, Greece, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Estonia
Argyro Karanasiou
Law, Media & Communications School, Bournemouth University
AI; IoT; wearable tech; distributed architectures & mesh networks; online copyright & innovative technologies; health-related databases; big data; algorithmic accountability/automated decision making behavioural economics & predicitve analytics; online dispute resolutionEurope (EU legislation), UK, Southeastern Europe, US (only for First Amendment issues)
Prakash Kashwan 
Political Science, University of Connecticut
Institutional analysis; international environmental policy; research methodsSouth Asia
Derek Kauneckis 
Environmental Science, Ohio University
Environmental policy; policy analysis
In Kim
Public Policy & Public Management, Pusan National University
Institutional arrangements and performance of public service deliverySouth Korea
Kwanbo Kim 
Public Administration, The Catholic University of Korea
New institutionalism (IAD framework); transaction cost approach; game theorySouth Korea
Tom Koontz
School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, University of Washington-Tacoma
Public policy; collaborative governance; natural resource policyUS; Germany
Joanna Kulesza
International Law, University of Lodz
Internet governance; human rights; international law; state responsibility; international liability; due diligenceEurope (incl. Central & Eastern Europe), partially Asia & US
J. Benjamin Lambert
Managing Director/Attorney, Lambert Worldwide
International and comparative technology law, business law, compliance and governance; international and comparative legal systems and ethicsUS, Global, ASEAN, EU
Jesper Larsson
Urban and Rural Development, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Agrarian historyScandinavia
David Levi-Faur
Political Science & School of Public Policy, Hebrew University of Jerusalem 
Regulation & governance; comparative political economy; comparative public policy; EU public policyEU
Jun Liu
Media, Cognition, & Communication, University of Copenhagen
Information & communication technologies; political communication; Internet governance; political sociology; comparative studiesChina, Asia, comparative perspective
Maria Claudia Lopez 
Community Sustainability, Michigan State University
Common-pool resource management in developing countries; experimental economics; institutionsLatin America, Africa
Michael Madison 
School of Law, University of Pittsburgh
Knowledge commons; intellectual property law 
Jessica Magaldi
Legal Studies & Taxation, Lubin School of Business, Pace University
Law of emerging technologies; employment-related legal issues; finance & tax law US
Anas Malik
Political Science, Xavier University
Sustainability; Islam; constitutional political economyPakistan, Middle East, South Asia
Selvakumar Manickam
National Advanced IPv6 Centre, Universiti Sains Malaysia
Networks & cybersecuritySoutheast Asia
Renée Marlin-Bennett
Political Science, Johns Hopkins University
International theory; international political sociology of information; global political economy of information; embodiment; pragmatic epistemologyLimited expertise on Israel & the Middle East
David M. McEvoy
Economics, Appalachian State University
Environmental economics; international environmental agreements; public economics; experimental economics; behavioral economicsGlobal
Ameet Morjaria
Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University
Development economics; organizational economics; political economySub-Saharan Africa
Bernardo Mueller
Economics, University of Brasilia
Development; institutions; political economy; complexityBrazil
Tun Myint 
Political Science & Environmental Studies, Carleton College
Local-global dynamics of social ecological interactions; institutional diversity; democracy; sustainabilitySoutheast Asia, Western Europe (Rhine River), US (Mississippi River)
Harini Nagendra 
School of Development, AzimPremji University
Forests; land change; urban ecology; remote sensingIndia, Nepal
Doron Narotzk
Accounting, University of Akron
Taxation; Internet & law; cybersecurity; policy; corporate lawUS
Josephine Sandler Nelson
Villanova Law School and Business School
Business ethics; corporate compliance; cybersecurity breachesUSA and countries that have borrowed our securities disclosure model
Tomas Nonnenmacher
Economics, Allegheny College
Institutional and organizational economicsNorth America
Brian Nussbaum
College of Emergency Preparedness, Homeland Security & Cybersecurity (CEHC), University at Albany (SUNY)
State and local risk assessment and mitigationUS
Nizan Geslevich Packin
Law, Zicklin School of Business, Baruch College, City University of New York
Financial regulation; information & privacy law; cybersecurity; financial technology; business law; consumer protectionPrimarily US, Israel & the EU
Amy Poteete
Political Science, Concordia University
Political development; natural resources; responsivenessAfrica
Mark Raymond
International & Area Studies, University of Oklahoma
Internet governance; cybersecurity; international relations; international law; global governance; social constructivism; institutionsN/A
Talal Raza
Media Matters for Democracy, Pakistan
Digital rights; cybersecurity; cyberterrorism; cybercrime; online disinformation; network shutdowns; digital media landscapeSouth Asia
Carla L. Reyes
College of Law, Michigan State University
Intersection of business, commercial law, & technology, with particular interest in blockchain technologyUS
Adena R. Rissman
Forest and Wildlife Ecology, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Conservation policy design and implementation; ecological impacts of conservation policy; social and legal adaptation to environmental changeUS, some international work
Tatyana Ruseva
Government & Justice Studies, Appalachian State University
Natural resource governance; land conservation; private forest land managementMidwest and Southern US, Eastern Europe
Filippo Sabetti 
Political Science, McGill University
Institutional diversity and collective actionWestern Europe and North America
Tim Samples
Terry College of Business, University of Georgia
Global governance; investor-state relations; international law
Latin America, US
Madelyn Sanfilippo
Center for Information Technology Policy, Princeton University
Sociotechnical systems; privacy; knowledge; information and communication technologies (ICTs); data; governance; polycentricity; institutions; Governing Knowledge Commons (GKC) frameworkUS, Europe
Edella Schlager 
School of Government and Public Policy, University of Arizona
Common-pool resources; federalism; waterUS
Bruce Schneier
Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society, Harvard University
Security guruWorldwide
Michael Schoon
School of Sustainability, Arizona State University
Governance; institutions; biodiversity conservationSouthwest US, Southern Africa
John Selby
Accounting & Corporate Governance, Macquarie University
Spillover effects of the Internet on business; Internet governance; Cybersecurity; domain name system; New Institutional Economics theory; interdisciplinary analyses combining the disciplines of law, politics, economics, sociology, history, & technologyAustralia, Asia-Pacific
Arthur L. Sherwood
Management/IDEA Institute, Western Washington University
Entrepreneurship; co-operative enterprises; governance 
Ganesh P. Shivakoti 
Natural Resources Management, Asian Institute of Technology
Common-pool resource institutions in irrigation and forestrySouth and Southeast Asia
David Skarbek
Political Science, Brown University
Political economy of institutions & institutional change with focus on collective action, norms, & ethnic conflictUS
Mark Sproule-Jones 
Political Science, McMaster University
Institutional analysisGreat Lakes of North America
Ramesh Subramanian
Computer Information Systems, Quinnipiac University & Yale Law School
Information security, privacy, public policy; data analytics; history of technologyUS, India
Geoffrey Swenson
International Politics, City, University of London
International relations; law; state-society relations; informal governance; cybersecurity South Asia, Southeast Asia, Afghanistan, Timor-Leste
Andreas Thiel
International Agricultural Policy and Environmental Governance, Witzenhausen Universität Kassel
Institutional change in governance of human-nature relations at higher scalesEurope (Germany and Southern EU), East Africa
Hannibal Travis
Law, Florida International University
Copyright; software; patent reform; cybersecurity; cryptocurrencies; human rights; First AmendmentUS; some EU directives; Middle East re human rights law
Catherine Tucker 
Anthropology & Latin American Studies Center, University of Florida-Gainesville
Community-based natural resource management; watershed management; coffee value chains; land use/land cover change; political ecology; adaptation to climate change; globalizationLatin America, global systems
Felicity Turton
Centre of Commercial Law Studies, Queen Mary University of London
Big data and competition law, content regulation, privacy and data protectionUK, EU
Anabelle Ulate 
School of Economics, University of Costa Rica
Economic development; regional developmentCosta Rica, Central America
Josephine van Zeben 
Worcester College, Law Faculty, University of Oxford
Multilevel governance; environment; local governmentEU, US, China
Ioana Vasiu
Faculty of Law, Babeş-Bolyai University
Cybercrime nature, prevention, & litigation; ICT law; e-Business lawUS & EU
Nathan D. Vogt
Institute of Research Development, University of Valley Paraiba
Smallholder farm communities; land-use/cover change; social-ecological systems (SES); local SES adaptation to climate and global changes; smallholder rural-urban networksAmazon, East Africa, Southern Africa
Rolf Hans Weber
Faculty of Law, University of Zurich
Information technology law; Internet governance; data security; cyber securityEurope
Jenifer Sunrise Winter
School of Communications, University of Hawaii at Manoa
Internet of things; big data; Internet governance; artificial intelligence; civil rights & liberties; international & comparative cyberspace/cybersecurity law & policyAsia-Pacific, particularly China; US
Hong Xue
School of Law, Beijing Normal University
Cyber law; e-commerce law; international trade law; intellectual property lawAsia and the Pacific region
Alan Zarychta
School of Social Service Administration, University of Chicago
Politics of social services in less developed countries; public healthLatin America
Silverio Zebral 
Grad School of Political Management, George Washington University
Political economy; developmentLatin America
Shuang Zhao 
Political Science and Atmospheric Science, University of Alabama-Huntsville
Environmental policy; policy process; political economyUS, China