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General Research Interests
Geographical Area
Barbara Allen
Political Science, Carleton College
Political communication; political theory—Ostrom, Tocqueville; commons governance; self-governmentNorth America; UK; Continental Europe
J. Marty Anderies
School of Human Evolution & Social Change, and School of Sustainability, Arizona State University
Institutions and the dynamics of coupled infrastructure systemsNepal; India; Thailand; Colombia; Southwest United States
Craig Anthony (Tony) Arnold
Law School, and Urban & Public Affairs, University of Louisville
Environment; land use; water governance (law and policy)United States
Gwen Arnold
Environmental Science and Policy, University of California-Davis
Hydraulic fracturing; federalism; wetlands; street-level bureaucracy; institutional analysis; civic engagement; local government decision making; policy diffusion; policyMid-Atlantic United States generally; some work in California
Joseph B. Bahati
Forestry, Biodiversity & Tourism, Makerere University
Community resilience to climate and land useEastern Africa-Uganda; Kenya; Tanzania; Ethiopia
Krista Bailey
Sustainability Studies, IU South Bend
Systemic approaches to designing social and constructed landscapes that support healthy and sustainable behaviorUnited States
Mansee Bal Bhargava
Institute of Architecture, Nirma University Ahmedabad
Water bodies management; habitat design; urban design-planning-management; microeconomicsIndia
Elizabeth Baldwin
School of Government and Public Policy, University of Arizona
Energy and water policy; public management; institutional analysisUnited States; Sub-Saharan Africa
Simanti Banerjee
Agricultural Economics, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Experimental economics; behavioral economics; game theory; social networksUnited States; India
Esther Blanco
Public Finance, University of Innsbruck
Environmental economics 
Jacob Bower-Bir
Political Science, MIT
Institutional analysis and evolution; moral philosophy; political and economic behavior; political psychology; experimental methodologyUnited States; West Africa
Juan-Camilo Cardenas
Economics, Universidad de Los Andes
Cooperation; behavioral and experimental economicsLatin America
Michael Cox 
Environmental Studies, Dartmouth College 
Commons governanceSouthwest United States; Dominican Republic
Shane Day 
School of Public Administration, University of New Mexico
Environmental policy; federalism; indigenous groupsNorth America; Europe; Latin America
Daniel A. DeCaro 
Urban & Public Affairs, Psych & Brain Sciences, University of Louisville
Cooperation; participation; social-ecological systemsDeveloping nations; United States watersheds
Michael Drescher 
School of Planning, University of Waterloo
Social-ecological systems; sustainability; biodiversity; natural resources; vegetation dynamics; animal behaviorOntario, Canada; South Africa; Bolivia; France
Konrad Hagedorn 
Resource Economics and WINS, Humboldt University
Institutional and resource economics; agrarian institutionsEU; post-socialist countries; India; Ethiopia; China; Central Asia
Tanya Heikkila 
School of Public Affairs, University of Colorado-Denver
Environmental policy and governanceWestern United States; Mekong basin; India; Brazil
Robert Holahan
Environmental Studies & Political Science, State University of New York-Binghamton
Institutional economics; environmental policy; energy policyUnited States
Marco Janssen
School of Sustainability, Arizona State University
Governance and robustness of SESsIndia; Thailand; Nepal; Colombia; China
Christos Kalantaridis 
Entrepreneurship and Innovation,
De Montfort University
University-industry knowledge transfer; open innovation; entrepreneurship and innovation in spatial and regional contextsUK; Greece; Ukraine; Belarus; Russia; Estonia
Prakash Kashwan 
Political Science, University of Connecticut
Institutional analysis; international environmental policy; research methodsSouth Asia
Derek Kauneckis 
Environmental Science, Ohio University
Environmental policy; policy analysis
In Kim
Public Policy & Management, Pusan National University
Institutional arrangements and performance of public service deliverySouth Korea
Kwanbo Kim 
Public Administration, The Catholic University of Korea
New institutionalism (IAD framework); transaction cost approach; game theorySouth Korea
Jesper Larsson
Urban and Rural Development, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Agrarian historyScandinavia
Maria Claudia Lopez 
Community Sustainability, Michigan State University
Common-pool resource management in developing countries; experimental economics; institutionsLatin America; Africa
Michael Madison 
School of Law, University of Pittsburgh
Knowledge commons; intellectual property law 
Anas Malik
Political Science, Xavier University
Sustainability; Islam; constitutional political economyPakistan; Middle East; South Asia
David M. McEvoy
Economics, Appalachian State University
Environmental economics; international environmental agreements; public economics; experimental economics; behavioral economicsGlobal
Bernardo Mueller
Economics, University of Brasilia
Development; institutions; political economy; complexityBrazil
Tun Myint 
Political Science & Environmental Studies, Carleton College
Local-global dynamics of social ecological interactions; institutional diversity; democracy; sustainabilitySoutheast Asia; Western Europe (Rhine River); United States (Mississippi River)
Harini Nagendra 
School of Development, AzimPremji University
Forests; land change; urban ecology; remote sensingIndia; Nepal
Tomas Nonnenmacher
Economics, Allegheny College
Institutional and organizational economicsNorth America
Amy Poteete
Political Science, Concordia University
Political development; natural resources; responsivenessAfrica
Adena R. Rissman
Forest and Wildlife Ecology, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Conservation policy design and implementation; ecological impacts of conservation policy; social and legal adaptation to environmental changeUnited States; some international work
Filippo Sabetti 
Political Science, McGill University
Institutional diversity and collective actionWestern Europe and North America
Edella Schlager 
School of Government and Public Policy, University of Arizona
Common-pool resources; federalism; waterUnited States
Michael Schoon
School of Sustainability, Arizona State University
Governance; institutions; biodiversity conservationSouthwest United States; Southern Africa
Arthur L. Sherwood
Management/IDEA Institute, Western Washington University
Entrepreneurship; co-operative enterprises; governance 
Ganesh P. Shivakoti 
Natural Resources Management, Asian Institute of Technology
Common-pool resource institutions in irrigation and forestrySouth and Southeast Asia
Mark Sproule-Jones 
Political Science, McMaster University
Institutional analysisGreat Lakes of North America
Andreas Thiel
International Agricultural Policy and Environmental Governance, Witzenhausen Universität Kassel
Institutional change in governance of human-nature relations at higher scalesEurope (Germany and Southern EU); East Africa
Catherine Tucker 
Anthropology & Latin American Studies Center, University of Florida-Gainesville
Community-based natural resource management; watershed management; coffee value chains; land use/land cover change; political ecology; adaptation to climate change; globalizationLatin America; global systems
Anabelle Ulate 
School of Economics, University of Costa Rica
Economic development; regional developmentCosta Rica; Central America
Josephine van Zeben 
Worcester College, Law Faculty, University of Oxford
Multilevel governance; environment; local governmentEuropean Union; United States; China
Nathan D. Vogt
Institute of Research Development, University of Valley Paraiba
Smallholder farm communities; land-use/cover change; social-ecological systems (SES); local SES adaptation to climate and global changes; smallholder rural-urban networksAmazon; East Africa; Southern Africa
Silverio Zebral 
Grad School of Political Management, George Washington University
Political economy; developmentLatin America
Shuang Zhao 
Political Science and Atmospheric Science, University of Alabama-Huntsville
Environmental policy; policy process; political economyUnited States; China