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March 12, 2020

Polycentric Circles
The Ostrom Workshop Bi-Weekly Newsletter
Featured Stories
From Program Director Angie Raymond on Data Management and Information Governance
Welcome to the Ostrom Workshop Newsletter. It’s been a very busy Fall semester for the Data Managements and Information Governance Program as we continue to build connections and expand our reach. In the Fall we hosted (or co-hosted) several conferences, focusing on some of our key areas of interest, such as, Smart and Connected Communities, Justice Environments, Health and Social Data transportability, and Data Governance, including AI, tech deployments and community building. We have formed several working groups in these areas and would love to have more participants as we expand more deeply into these areas. In addition, a short time ago I was named as one of the lead academics in the Online Dispute Resolution, Cross Border environment as my Working Plan to build connected communities was approved by Strengthening Economic Legal Infrastructure and the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC-EC). I have long worked in the access to justice, technology, and online environments, so building that focus into the Ostrom Program is a wonderful opportunity that I look forward to continuing.

Of course, this is only a few of the events that we are hosting and topics that we are working on, you can find more details here.

In the News
New Working Groups Launched
Smart and Connected Communities - Smart is in. The latest buzzword in the technology industry and policy circles is smart. We’ve built massive networked surveillance systems with the rise of the Internet that seem poised to inject intelligence into every aspect of our lives. Proponents of the Internet of Things, big data, sensors, algorithms, artificial intelligence and various related technologies make seductive promises, including that increased intelligence—“smart” phones, grids, cars, homes, classrooms, clothing, and so on—will minimize transaction costs, maximize productivity, and make us perfectly happy.

Technology in the Justice Eco-System - Like nearly every other industry, the justice field is changing rapidly due to the lightning-fast evolution of technology. From video driven appearances in court, to predictive sentencing, recidivism and terms of probation and parole, technology is being used in a broadening manner within the justice ecosystem. States, the federal government, and international organizations are all involved in considering the deployment of technology within justice environments.

These working groups will draw together communities of engaged, active, thoughtful commentators to consider the issues outlined above. For more details and information on how to become involved in any of the Ostrom Workshop working groups, visit our website.

Recent Publications
Ron Oakerson's recent email interiew with Grzegorz Blicharz at Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland titled, "The Republic Can Never Be Taken for Granted: Ronald J. Oakerson on Vincent Ostrom's Legacy," is now online. A link to the paper can be found here.
Upcoming Events
Note: Due to the rapidly evolving novel coronavirus (COVID-19), all Indiana University campuses have suspended face-to face classroom teaching until April 5. This will effect how we handle our upcoming events. Until further notice, all upcoming Workshop events, including Colloquium, Research, and Tocqueville lecture series may be held remotely, rescheduled, or possibly cancelled. Check your email and our website for updates from the Workshop and follow this link for regular updates on IU's response to the Coronavirus. Link

The Fourth Annual Ostrom Lecture on Environmental Policy will be presented by Peter Kareiva, Director, Institute of the Environment & Sustainability, UCLA. Monday, April 15, 2020, 4:30 - 5:30 at the University Club in the Indiana Memorial Union. Reception to follow
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Working Groups
For many years, the Workshop has facilitated the establishment of self-organized working groups. Topics covered vary from year to year. Most groups are mechanisms enabling people who share common interests to discuss their current research and benefit from each other's commentary and criticism. For more information on working groups and to view current working groups, please visit our website.
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