PhD Minor HDGC

Human Dimensions of Global Change (HDGC)

Several other research centers on the Indiana University Bloomington campus representing a diversity of researchers in the social, biological, and physical sciences conduct diverse research projects related to various aspects of the Human Dimensions of Global Change agenda.

A few of these centers are:

PhD Minor

For information about obtaining a PhD minor in the Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change, please refer to the University Graduate School Bulletin for updated information (see "Ph.D. Minor in the Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change").  

PLEASE NOTE: The Ostrom Workshop is not a degree-granting program. Eligibility for the PhD minor requires that the student be admitted to a degree-granting graduate program at IU, has permission from his or her primary advisor, and is in good academic standing. See The University Graduate School for information about applying to degree-granting programs at Indiana University. Minoring in Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change requires 12 credit hours of approved courses.

Other HDGC Centers

The following are the other NSF-funded Human Dimensions of Global Change centers and teams, their primary institutional affiliation, the lead principal investigator, and their website address: