smart cities

The intended schedule is as follows:

Wednesday, OCTOBER 3, 2018: The conference will open later in the day with a lecture given by Professor Milton Mueller, School of Public Policy, Georgia Institute of Technology.

Thursday, OCTOBER 4, 2018: The conference will begin around 8:30 AM with three panel presentations in the morning, designated to discuss topics associated with cybersecurity, data governance, and multidisciplinary best practices, especially within the areas of critical infrastructure and the Internet of Things (IoT). After lunch, the conference will continue with three panels, discussing topics focused on government data gathering and the use of data within the smart city framework. Topics such as open government initiatives, the use of analytics and prediction models to enhance living within an urban environment, best practices in the use of “sensitive” data, civic data, civic engagement, and health and human services will be addressed. Thursday will conclude with a special lecture that is intended to discuss issues associated with large data gathering by government entities. Dinner will follow the lecture.

Friday Morning, OCTOBER 5, 2018 will consist of an invite-only, closed-door, research brainstorming and networking session with the goal of identifying key areas for further exploration. The day will end at noon.

Submission Information

Panels should consist of three to four people, organized around a central theme related to data and information use within the smart city framework. Each panel will need a lead panelist, who will control the panel planning and who will serve as moderator. Each panel will have approximately one hour to present their main points, which must include at least 30 minutes for questions and discussion. Lead panelists will be expected to submit the names of intended panel members, as well as panel title and an abstract.

Paper submissions are also accepted, and the author does not have to create a panel of authors writing on similar topics. However, paper presentations will be combined into a panel-type format. Thus, each author will be given 5–10 minutes to speak, followed by an opportunity for questions/discussion. Papers will be organized in similar themes to facilitate cross discussion among authors and the wider audience.

Submissions are due by JUNE 15, 2018, via ( or email to with final decisions to be made by July 2, 2018. Panelists will have approximately 15 days to confirm intent to attend the conference in Bloomington. If spots remain, a second call will occur.


Panel Members/Paper Presenters will receive complimentary registration, travel costs (limited), 2 nights of hotel accommodations, and conference meals.

Limited travel funds will be available, including flight and transport costs. The closest airport is the Indianapolis International Airport. Hotel accommodations will be close to the Bloomington campus. Conference participants will receive breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Thursday and breakfast on Friday as part of the conference.

Registration (for those wishing to attend, but not on a panel or submitting a paper) will begin in early June 2018. Student and faculty discounts will be available.

Further Information/Questions

Can be directed to: Ostrom Workshop Research Program on Data Management and Information Governance, Director Angie Raymond, at