Colloquium Series

One of the enduring foundations of the Ostrom Workshop has been the Monday Colloquium Series, which commenced in 1973. The series has provided a forum for a breadth of presenters and topics over the years that have echoed the themes of the Ostrom Workshop’s research program. 

The presenter’s paper will be available in advance of their presentation for participants to read. The presenter will have five minutes for clarifications followed by audience comments and discussions. 

LOCATION: Ostrom Workshop, 513 N. Park (Tocqueville Room)
TIME: 12:00–1:00 p.m.

The Colloquium Series is live streamed (unless indicated otherwise). Presentations are open to the public, and you are welcome to bring your lunch.

Fall 2017 – Monday Colloquium Series

September 11David Stadelmann
Department of Economics, University of Bayreuth, Germany
"Politicians Change Their Behavior and Seek the Public Interest after Achieving Office"
September 18Angie Raymond
Kelley School of Business, IU Bloomington
"Information and the Regulatory Landscape: A Growing Need to Reconsider Existing Legal Frameworks"
September 25Murat Iyigun *
Department of Economics, University of Colorado
"The Ideological Roots of Institutional Change"
October 2Hyeran Jo
Department of Political Science, Texas A&M University
"Weapon of the Weak? Rebel Groups' International Law Talk, 1974-2015"
October 9Margaret Levi
Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, Stanford University
"Adaptation Nation: Institutional Risk, State Capacity, and Public Law in the United States, 1911-1945"
October 16David Victor
School of Global Policy and Strategy, University of California-San Diego
"Experimentalist Approaches to Governing Global Commons"
October 23Scott Shackelford
Kelley School of Business, IU Bloomington
"Cyber War and Peace: Governing New Frontiers in the Information Age"
[Chapter Outlines]  [Optional: Sample Chapter 3]
October 30Xavier Basurto
Duke University Marine Lab
November 6Dominic Parker *
Agricultural and Applied Economics, University of Wisconsin-Madison
November 13Kent Portney
Natural Resource and Environmental Policy, Texas A&M University
November 27James Farmer
School of Public Health, IU Bloomington
"Extending the Design Principles for Common-Pool Resource Governance to Conservation Easements on Private Lands"
December 4Marco Janssen
School of Sustainability, Arizona State University
"Playing Games to Save Water: Collective Action Games for Groundwater Management in Andhra Pradesh, India"

* Denotes Ostrom Workshop Visiting Scholar