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About the Library

Workshop Research LibraryThe Workshop Research Library (WRL) is one of the premier resources for study on the commons, institutions, and collective action. It serves as a research resource center that houses the world's largest collection specifically devoted to the commons, common pool resources, and common property. A unique aspect of its interdisciplinary collection is that it brings together a large body of the world’s grey literature on the commons, as well as published books and serials.

The library collections are unique in their scope, containing books, journals, articles, papers, and reports supporting or resulting from the many Workshop research projects and theoretical interests. The library contains 9,000 books and reports; almost 50,000 articles, preprints, and working papers; and 380 runs of newsletters, journals, and newspapers.

Along with the outstanding print collection, the library's unique database contains 90,000 records with detailed information on library materials, and serves as a virtual library, including full-records on relevant materials in other IU libraries. The WRL hosts the Digital Library of the Commons (DLC), and offers access to other commons related information sources through the Online Resources section of this website.

A staff that is highly trained in commons research is available to assist with your research needs.
The library’s main reading room and core collections are housed on the third floor of the Workshop's main building. Collections and electronic equipment are also housed in seven other rooms in two of the Workshop’s four buildings. The facility includes study carrels, discussion tables and meeting areas, online public computers, printers, and scanners.

The WRL is available for use by Workshop affiliated faculty, students, and international visiting scholars. However, in consideration of those with a need to use the collection, the WRL is available to non-affiliated students and others as a place for general study.