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The Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis


Advisory Council

allen Barbara Allen
Department of Political Science
Carleton College
Northfield, MN
Term expiration: 2011–15
espinosa Salvador Espinosa
School of Public Affairs
San Diego State University
San Diego, CA
Term expiration: 2011–15
brondizio Eduardo Brondizio (chair)
Department of Anthropology
Indiana University
Term expiration: 2014–17
shahrani Nazif Shahrani
Central Eurasian Studies
Indiana University
Term expiration: 2013–15
cardenas Juan Camilo Cárdenas
Facultad de Economia
Universidad de Los Andes
Term expiration: 2012–15
tucker Catherine Tucker
Department of Anthropology
Indiana University
Term expiration: 2010–16
cole Daniel Cole
Maurer School of Law
Indiana University
Term expiration: 2011–15

Roles and Procedures of the Workshop Advisory Council

The roles of the Workshop Advisory Council (WAC) will be to:

Proposed new members of the WAC will be identified by its current members based on their demonstrated commitment to participating in Workshop activities. WAC members should have a rank of Associate or Full Professor (or equivalent seniority, if not in academic employment). New members will be appointed by the Director with advice from current WAC members.

WAC members will serve staggered three-year terms and may serve two consecutive terms, six years maximum. Former WAC members may return for additional terms after two years away. Members may remove themselves from the WAC at any time, but should strive to complete current terms where possible.

The WAC will meet at least once per semester, with additional meetings as needed during the school year, usually no more than once per month.

WAC advice and recommendations to the Director will be by consensus, whenever possible. When not possible, the Director will be informed about the nature and extent of disagreements among council members.

Meeting notes and consensus recommendations should be recorded and distributed to the Workshop Affiliated Faculty.

The Director is normally invited to WAC meetings, but the WAC can convene without the Director when necessary to discuss issues.