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The Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis


Colloquium Committee

Since 1976, the Colloquium Series has been an interdisciplinary forum that brings together Workshop faculty, students, and visiting scholars to discuss innovative research relevant to political theory, policy analysis, and applications. It provides a forum for the constructive debate of ideas and approaches, contributing to the understanding of underlying causes and potential solutions to societal issues. Colloquium presentations include, but are not limited to:

  1. the analysis of social, political, economic, legal, and political institutions;
  2. common-pool resources management and environmental change;
  3. political theory;
  4. federalism;
  5. Tocquevillian analysis;
  6. political economy; and
  7. the provisioning of social services such as health and education. 

The Colloquium Committee solicits nominations and selects speakers for the Workshop’s regular Monday and Wednesday colloquia each semester. They also select speakers for special programs, such as the Tocqueville Program.  Members of the committee take turns moderating colloquia and ensuring that visiting speakers have a fruitful experience at the Workshop.

The Colloquium Committee members for the 2015–2016 academic year are:

Lee Alston
Eduardo Brondizio
Ajay Mehrotra
Armando Razo
Kenneth Richards
Gustavo Torrens