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The Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis


Selected Mini-Conference Papers

Mini-Conference Agendas are available at:

Fall 2014

Megan Betz, “Governance of Community Orchards: A Case Study.”

Fall 2013

Elizabeth Baldwin, “The Effect of Stakeholder Involvement on Electricity Generation: An IAD Study of State Electric Sector Decision-Making.”

Landon Yoder, “Exploring Farmer Best Management Practices and Collective Action to Reduce Nonpoint Source Pollution.”

Fall 2012

Seleste Sanchez, “Develop Initiatives in Rural Guatemala as Part of an Engaged Archaeology Project.”

Spring 2012

Elizabeth Bockstiegel, "The Property Theory of Federal Reserved Water Rights: Implications for National Wildlife Refuges."

Jesper Larsson, "Boundaries and Property Rights: The Transformation of a Common-Pool Resource, 1550–1850."

Sanchayan Nath, "Ownership and Outcomes – The Case of Lakes and Wetlands in India."

Naveed Paydar, "Linking Land Rights to Livelihoods: Towards Upholding Women’s Property and Inheritance Rights in the Developing World."

Runsheng Yin, "China’s Forest Tenure Reform and Institutional Change in the New Century: What Has Been Done, What Remains to Be Pursed, and How to Get It Achieved?"

Spring 2011

Ursula Kreitmair, "What is the Impact of Communication Structure on a Community's Ability to Successfully Manage a Common Pool Resource? A Research Proposal."

Spring 2010

Nichole Bauer, "Sticking With It: How Loyalty Explains Political Party Identification."

Norbert Chan, "Narrative Change and Its Microfoundations: Problem Management, Strategic Manipulation, and Information Processing."

Angela Siqueira, "Private Reserves in Brazil."

Spring 2009

Forrest Fleischman, "Informal Institutions and Enforcement of Forest Rules"

Michael Lee, "A Tale of Two Networks: Clusters, Institutional Investors and Innovation"

Debra Schneck, “Federalism and Its Impact on Emergency Response to Disasters and Catastrophes.”

Spring 2008

Forrest Fleischman, "Bureaucracy, Collaboration and Coproduction: A Case Study of the Implementation of Adaptive Management in the U.S.D.A. Forest Service."

Hassan Wahab, "Universal Healthcare Coverage: Assessing the Implementation of Ghana’s NHIS Law."

Martha Wilfahrt, "Why ‘Freeing Dead Capital’ Won’t Help West African Pastoral Populations: Citizenship, Hybridity, and Local Law in Land ‘Law’ Reform."

Spring 2007

Michael Lee, "Politics, Institutions and Firms: A Multilevel Analysis of the Regional Jet Industry." 

Spring 2006

Jianxun Wang, "Village Governance in Chinese History."

Fall 2005

Robert Holahan, "Towards a Systems Approach: The Localized Incentives of Federal Flood Control Policy."

Brian Steed, "Why Don't We Just Shoot Them?: An Institutional Analysis of Prairie Dog Protection in Iron County, Utah."

Horia Terpe, "Between Monocentricity and Polycentricity: Approaching Romanian Constitutional and Collective Level Dynamics."

Spring 2005

Michael McGinnis, "Rebellion, Religion, and Rational Choice Institutionalism: Towards an Integrated Framework for Analysis."

Fall 2004

Daniel Beers, "What Motivates Romania’s Migrant Mayors? An Institutional Analysis of Party-Switching at the Local Level."

John Hulsey, "Ownership and Sustainability of Democratic Institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina."