The Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis


Funding Sources

The Ostrom Workshop relies on a three-pronged approach to funding: university funds, the Ostrom Workshop’s endowments, and external grants.

On average, university funds make up roughly one-third of the Ostrom Workshop’s $1.2 million annual budget. These varied sources of funding enable the Ostrom Workshop to engage in a wide range of activities, and to sustain its research interests over time.  In addition to university funding, the Ostrom Workshop draws on its endowments, the largest of which is the Tocqueville Fund for the Study of Human Institutions.  It also receives generous support from a number of external granting agencies such as the National Science Foundation, Fannie E. Rippel Foundation, Jack Miller Center (The Tocqueville Program), and VERITAS Fund for Higher Education Reform (The Tocqueville Program).

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